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Registration for Symposium London 2017 is Open!

  We’re pleased to announce that registration for Symposium London 2017 is now open. The Symposium is our largest annual conference, held globally in all of our major cities including New York, Scottsdale and Australia. It’s the gathering place for performance marketing leaders to build their online initiatives and form new business relationships. Attachments london-symposium-sponsorships-brochure-2017 (206 kB)

Christmas 2016: How Britain’s Favourite Brands Are Adapting to the Modern Consumer Journey

Shoppers are now exposed to marketing messages across more channels and devices than ever before. But which of these is having the biggest impact on consumer choice, and how are Britain’s favourite brands making the most of it?

Publisher Spotlight: Wearisma

In this month’s publisher spotlight, we speak to Wearisma (SID 3256084): an end-to-end influencer marketing solutions that offers brand unique and unparalleled access to discover and source the ‘right’ talent for their target audience. With its powerful managed services or self-service solutions, brands can also easily manage campaigns and track performance, including engagement, clicks, sales and CRM data. joins the Rakuten Affiliate Network

We’re pleased to announce is live on the Rakuten Affiliate Network. is a brand new luxury e-commerce site brought to you from Conde Nast – the creators Vogue & GQ magazines. In addition to shopping pages from British Vogue, British GQ, and Condé Nast Traveller, readers will find a wellspring of original fashion and beauty content that’s been curated with an editor’s eye.

What our network data reveals about Black Friday shopping habits

Black Friday is looming. This year, it’s expected to be bigger than ever with research predicting that UK consumers will spend £5bn over the course of the five-day cyber weekend.

Traditionally, Black Friday is known for driving impulse purchases as discounts have lasted just 24 hours. However, in recent years, Black Friday has extended into a five-day shopping extravaganza with retailers staggering their deals over the course of ‘Cyber Weekend’.

In light of this, we wanted to explore how buying behaviours have changed as brand awareness of Black Friday has increased and what trends we can expect to see this year by analysing data across our network.